311 High Street, Burlington, NJ 08016

Ali Reason


cycle instructor


Favorite Inspirational quote: 

 Don’t quit on yourself. You’re only competition is YOU vs YOU!

Why you Ryde:

I Ryde because I LOVE IT! From the community, to the sweaty afterglow and accomplishment of crushing another Ryde, I LOVE IT! Few places feel more at home than in the saddle for me and my goal is to always bring that love and passion to the people.

What you want people to accomplish during their workout:

I want them to have FUN! They’ve already come in with a goal, I want them to knock that goal out the park and have fun doing it! My class is a Ryde & Fete (celebration) on the bike because I know for a fact when an experience is enjoyable it doesn’t feel like work! 

What’s on your playlist:

I’m a Trinidadian so always Soca, with a touch of Reggae, and a hint of that good old school hip hop. Oh and I LOVE a good pop remix! 


The Squad.

Ryde with us.